Holiday Instrument Lesson Power-Ups

Holiday Instrument Lesson Power-Ups

GST Included

How about a little musical pick-me-up to boost you through the school holidays?

You can book as many lessons as you want.

Parents are also welcome to to book lessons for themselves if they would like a Power-Up.

Please arrange a time with your teacher before booking Holiday Power-Ups.

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    At The Music Playground, our lessons have a strong emphasis on good listening skills, excellent technique, establishing great posture and playing with a beautiful tone. Students are expected to learn to read music fluently over time, as well as build a repertoire of songs for performance at short notice.

    Instrumental fees include:

    • Your usual lesson
    • Weekly group music class
    • Two concerts per year, including tickets for your friends and relations
    • To create a better sense of community we are adding a new platform called Flipgrid. We will be posting videos so you can quickly find your favourite activities, and you can privately share videos within each Music Club group, as well as a personal "grid" for each student to share videos with your teacher.
    • Private parents support group on Facebook where you can ask questions and teachers will respond