Music Club Voucher - School Kids

Music Club Voucher - School Kids

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Music club is a place where kids who go to school can come together to make music with other like-mided kids.   These 50 minute classes feature lots of singing, a Xylophone/Marimba band, rhythm games, performance opportunities for those who have started learning an instrument, dancing and movement activities, music reading and theory skills and more.  Groups for all levels from beginner to VCE Music preparation.   Led by a specialist qualified music teacher accredited in Suzuki, Orff and Kodaly, the three most world renowned music education systems.  The goals of the program are to enable kids to:

- feel comfortable to sing Happy Birthday at a birthday party without fear or embarrassment 

- Be comfortable with the sound of their voice so when they grow up they can sing lullabies to their own children

- Be moved by the emotions in beautiful music they hear

- Find a safe space to explore feelings and express themselves

- Use music as an emotional outlet, providing solace for the soul

Voucher price is for one full term of lessons (10 weeks). 

  • Further Information

    Classes are live online via zoom or face to face at our Newport studio or outside in a Newport park when COVID lockdown restrictions allow.  All vouchers are valid for a 24 month period from the date of purchase.