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Happy children playing instruments in Playtime class

Founded in 2010, The Music Playground is an Music Education and Performance company located in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

The Music Playground uses music to connect people of all ages, with interactive group learning sessions, music experiences and regular performance opportunities for its musicians. We run sessions for carers and children to make music together. Children have the option of learning a musical instrument with our teachers from age 3. Our organisation continues to offer group music sessions for older children, where they participate in marimba band, performance practice, music theory and singing skills. 

We run a free community choir for parents-to-be, teaching lullabies and ways to use music to bond with a baby before and after birth, as well as offering expectant parents a chance to meet and sing with others to lift the spirits. It is known that babies respond to familiar sounds they heard in utero. Our choir provides the opportunity for unborn babies to hear and feel music, and develop an early connection to the sound of their own mother's song. We also offer free music classes for carers with babies under six months.

Our programs are founded on the musical pedagogies of Orff, Suzuki, Kodály, using qualified staff. An independentent organisation (not a franchise) we offer a unique blend of these musical philosophies. Our key belief is: When you create an environment to nurture musical growth, everyone can be musical, and be as comfortable sharing a tune as they are sharing a story. We want everyone to experience the joy of synchronising with others through music.

The non musical benefits of music learning are also evident, with music strengthening language, listening, turn taking, sharing, waiting, being thorough, perseverance and commitment, delayed gratification and patience.

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