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Music Club

Making music should be a fun, social thing!

Music Club is based on the Suzuki Philosophy “Children learn from one another” and aims to boost enjoyment, motivation for learning and loving to play their instrument.

In a nurturing, non-competitive environment, children experience the joy of making music with other children, regardless of skill level.

Younger children are motivated by following the older children, and the more experienced children get to feel a sense of leadership and pride at being able to demonstrate their skills.


For School Kids

Music Club is designed for school-aged children who learn an instrument at The Music Playground, as a natural extension of instrument lessons. We also teach Music Club sessions for school kids who aren't yet learning an instrument to gain a foundation in music knowledge and skills.

There are three levels of Music Club, each offering age-appropriate content tailored to the children in the group:

  • Prep - Grade 3

  • Grade 4 - Grade 6

  • High School Students

Reading Music Notation

Reading music takes time.  Music Club gives us the opportunity to spend lots of time focusing on developing the valuable skills of music literacy.

Informal Performance Opportunities

We provide a pressure-free environment for students to perform.

Informal solo and group performances give the students many practical skills for life, including:

  • Confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Motivation 


Using Kodály method and philosophy, we develop aural and sight-singing skills.


Ensemble Skills

​By playing in groups, students are motivated by hearing their peers, and socialising with other like-minded children.  Using high quality instruments (and the instrument on which they are having lessons), students develop essential ensemble skills:

  • Listening to their surroundings

  • Playing in time with others

  • Balancing their sound with others

  • Sight-reading music

  • Being aware of and following a leader

  • Being a leader

Music History and Repertoire

Students are introduced to good classical repertoire and prominent composers through listening activities as well as playing their music.

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