Small Steps

1-4 Years

Children can continue to participate in this program until they turn 4.

Suzuki music education is based on the assumption that any child can become highly musical with the right environment, education and effort. 

The best time to start is as young as possible. During the first three years of life, a child's brain is at it's most receptive to sound. This helps them acquire language. The earlier a child starts to experience music, the more natural and fluent they will find it to be throughout their life. We help you to create the right surroundings at home in which your child's musical abilities can grow.

Our classes aim to create a rich musical environment for children, free from pressure, in which they can gain skills, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty.

Children are usually ready to begin learning an instrument by the time they 'graduate' from the program at about three years of age.

Bookings for live classes will reopen when COVID restrictions allow. In the meantime, check out or Playground On Demand video classes here.

Multi-age Classes

This program is taught in a mixed age group.  This allows children to progress at their own pace.  They are not competing with others.  Children in the classes learn so much from the other children. The older children in the group are motivated by the younger children, because they enjoy being role-models.  Children of the same age enjoy practising skills with each other, and the younger children learn from the older children. 

Parental Participation

Children learn to speak by listening to their loved ones. In the same way, children learn music best when their loved ones are involved. These classes give parents and carers skills and confidence to enjoy music with their child in day to day life. 

We generally find it best if there is a carer for each child in the class, however the choice is ultimately up to you.  Children benefit from the one on one attention, and we find they are generally more focused.  Parents are also more relaxed and have more time to enjoy their children's progress and achievements.  

Home CD

Daily listening familiarises the child and parent with the class repertoire while helping to create a musical environment in the home.


Home Listening

Daily listening familiarises the child and parent with the class repertoire while helping to create a musical environment in the home.

Focus On The Whole Child

Suzuki said "The power of music to develop the human heart is great."  Suzuki's school motto was "First character, then ability" and it is a cornerstone of the Suzuki philosophy, and the classes.   Children develop their sharing, cooperation, performance and self-regulation skills alongside their musical skills.  This sets up great foundations for lifetime learning. 

Quality Instruments

We have an emphasis on creating beautiful sounds, to nurture musical sensitivity.

Gentle Calming Environment

Verbal instructions are kept to a minimum, so that children can learn through observing others, listening and imitation.  We have a structured routine with an emphasis on helping the children develop emotional self-regulation skills.  Aiming for a calm environment allows optimum learning and both children and parents are happier too! 

Two Teachers, Small Classes

Activities flow more smoothly, minimising opportunities for distraction.  Teachers have more time to observe and help each child.