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Why a Playground?

Children learn naturally through play. They don't know why they do it, they just play. They practice. They repeat. They perfect.

Playgrounds provide structures to stimulate learning. Children are free to explore. They see other children and adults around them having fun. They emulate. They enjoy themselves. In a playground, children see challenges that they want to overcome. They gain a wonderful sense of achievement when they accomplish a task for the first time, then they enjoy, revise and perfect that challenge.

If a child sees an obstacle, they may at first feel daunted and think that they will never be able to conquer that hurdle. Spending time at the playground with encouragement and the freedom to try things at their own level allows them to gradually change obstacles into joyful opportunities. It is these triumphs that give the greatest rewards and remain with the child for life.

This is why we created The Music Playground.

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