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Violin Lessons

Recommended starting age: 3 to adult

At The Music Playground, we are extremely proud of our instrumental music programme. As well as just learning to play an instrument, we strive to provide a strong all-round musical education to our students.

Our all-inclusive fee includes:

  • 30 minute weekly instrumental lessons

  • Weekly group class:

    • Playtime (preschool ages 3-6): runs most days

    • Music Club (School age grade Prep - Year 12)

  • Two concerts per year, including free admission to friends and relatives

  • Parent evenings, informal concerts, support community and more

Happy young child playing violin

The violin is a timeless instrument that brings joy for a lifetime. The violin's portability and versatility make it a perfect instrument.

Violins excel at a diverse repertoire, including classical masterpieces, folk sessions, jazz tunes, and contemporary pop hits, ensuring a rich and varied musical journey. Wherever you travel in the world, the violin is at the centre of a rich musical experience.


Because of the violin’s huge flexibility, violinists are always in demand in groups or solos. Invest in a musical education that opens doors to a world of opportunities.

Children can start from the age of three or four for children who have come through our early childhood program, and from the age of five for children who have come from outside of the program.


Lessons for the youngest are designed to seamlessly transition from the Playtime class which ensures that the cellists take their first steps with joy and enthusiasm.


Just like group classes, parents are encouraged to attend alongside their child in the early years. During the lesson parents will observe and take notes, ready to assume the role of ’support person’ during practice times at home.  

Happy young child with violin
Teenager playing violin

The essence of lessons lies in cultivating a love for music, and this principle is at the forefront of each session. A focus on developing a rich, beautiful tone with great technique is fundamental from the first lesson.


Lessons are crafted to be playful and enjoyable, incorporating singing, playing musical games, recognising phrases and form and encouraging the learner to unleash their creativity. 


Along the way, the violinist will develop finger strength and dexterity, balance, posture and an internal sense of intonation. 

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