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Baby Steps (0-12 months)

About Baby Steps

0-12 Months

For thousands of years, parents have bonded with their babies through music, movement and rhythm games played on a parent's lap. During an infant's early development, the parent is their whole world, and a baby's early development is strengthened and enhanced by this parental bond.


Our carefully selected curriculum teaches parents and babies these lap games that have stood the test of time. Our songs, rhymes and games are chosen for their ability to nurture imagination and invoke a sense of wonder, creating an environment that develops tune-full, beat-full and art-full children.

Our Curriculum

Our research based curriculum is based on the work of music educators Feierabend, Kodaly, Orff and Suzuki.


Taught by fully qualified, experienced teachers, classes include:

Singing lullabies, songs and rhymes.

Play-based learning: bouncing rhymes, finger and toes rhymes, clapping and tapping games, movement to music.

Creating a musical environment that changes the way babies' brains grow, strengthening social development and neuron connections in the language and music areas of the brain.

Helping young children reach their full musical potential.

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Children adapt to
their environment

When you create an environment to nurture musical growth, every child can be musical, and grow up to be as comfortable sharing a tune as they are sharing a story.


We want every child to experience the joy of synchronising with others through music.

Baby Steps classes are 40 minutes duration.


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Our classes for infants offer a carefully planned curriculum based on Early Childhood research taught by qualified, experienced teachers. This class enables young families to meet and share new joyful, musical ways to bond with your little one. 

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