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Music Playground Anytime

Term 1 Enrolment Bonus

You will receive instructions how to view these videos when you enrol for a term of Small Steps or Playtime Music Classes.

If your child is unwell, or if you are unable to attend class for any reason, or just want some guidance making music around the home, these classes are full of fun activities to develop rhythm, pitch, ear, voice, fine motor and other skills.

Watch in any order. We recommend watching with your child. 

Join in the activities with your child, because children copy what they see their loved ones do. 

You don't have to watch the whole class at once. We recommend watching your favourite bits over again, because children love repetition! Watching one class per week as many times as you like is ideal. It gives your child a chance soak in different skills and join in in different ways each time they watch it.

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